Screen Printing

A tried and true method. The shirt you’re wearing right now was probably screen-printed. Looking for the best price and the best quality? Then this method is for you. Screen-printing is more manual and even thought of as an art form to some. With screen-printing, each graphic color is created by using its own screen. Ink is pressed through the screen and applied directly to the garment. Screen-printing will give you the best bang for your buck. Pricing will be determined by the number of colors you want to print, the garment type, and a few other variables.


It’s your vision and we're here to make it a reality. We are versed in multiple design programs that allow us to create exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a simple logo or an entire season’s line of designs we can handle it. We work with successful brands everyday and we know what it takes to create unique concepts and build them into sell-able items.




With us offering embroidery, we are truly a one-stop shop for any brand trying to step up to the next level. We can stitch up to 6 colors at a time on many different items. Whether you’re looking to brand a shirt, or looking to make custom snap-backs we can take care of all those needs.


Digital Printing

Digital Printing, also known as Direct to Garment is state of the art technology in the t-shirt game. This game changer can print full resolution and full CMYK color images directly onto a shirt. This printer uses 100% water based inks and creates a very soft hand to the print. This print method is perfect for those who prefer a 100% cotton tee to any other material blend. Digital printing is a great choice for anyone looking to get photo quality images or anyone looking to do smaller runs of shirts without paying the setup fees of traditional screen-printing.



Sublimation seems more like science than a method of printing. This printing method actually dyes into the fabric creating a permanent bond between the image and the shirt. Sublimation allows you to achieve vibrant images while keeping a completely smooth feel to the garment. This style of printing only works on light colored polyester products, but is capable of being used in many different applications.



This is where we set ourselves apart from many other print shops. We have unique insight of what it takes to build a brand. No matter where you may be in the branding process we can help you out. We’ve worked with brands that were starting from scratch all the way up to internationally recognized ones. Building a brand doesn’t just end with a printed shirt. The finishing touches are what can help brands rise above the rest. From hang-tags, to neck labels, to stickers, to social media marketing, we are here to make your brand stand out.


About Us


Micro Print Shop is a one stop shop for anyone aspiring to create a brand. Our name is based on the micro brewing art form, which focuses on small batch high quality products.


Micro Print Shop was created due to the lack of brand oriented print shops available to us. We wanted to create brands that were unique but couldn’t find any shops that offered the full package necessary to create an actual clothing brand. Things like design work, social media marketing and creating fully branded products were out of reach, so we decided to take matters into our hands and create our own branding solution.Our goal is to find other aspiring brand owners, just like us that are looking for more than just a printed shirt, someone who is looking to create a real brand through our guidance and expertise in the industry. This risk has become a reality and we are now working with all types of clients, from those starting from scratch to internationally recognized fashion brands.

We’ve learned from experience that quality products and attention to detail will always be priority when creating a brand. That’s why we offer products and services that most print shops would never think of. From conceptual design work to tagging and bagging, whatever you may need we can get it done. These are the crucial services that are often overlooked and can either make or break your brand. We’ve learned through experience what works and what doesn’t and we’re ready to pass that knowledge onto you, to create the next best brand.






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